Dr. Thomas’ clinically evaluates critically and acutely hospitalized patients and outpatients with cerebrovascular disease, including the sequelae of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. His primary research interests are: epidemiological and pathophysiological mechanisms of stroke, acute treatment and prevention of stroke, and the long-term sequelae of cerebrovascular disease and global systems of stroke care. He was the Elected Deputy Chair of Neurology and Associate Director of the Neurology Residency Program at Houston Methodist (Texas Medical Center) Neurological Institute during his time there from 2013-2016. Dr. Thomas graduated from the University of Texas with Honors with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry and Philosophy. He received his M. D. from Baylor College of Medicine. After completing residency in Neurology at Emory University he served as a Neurohospitalist and the Stroke Director at Florida Hospital. Furthering his education, he graduated from University of California San Francisco (UCSF) as a Neurovascular Clinical Fellow.


Dr. Papasakelariou is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology. Born in Miami, Florida, she grew up in Houston, Texas. She obtained a Masters in Virology and Gene Therapy at The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center before attending medical school at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in 2010. She remained at the University of Arkansas completing her residency in dermatology and also served as co-chief resident. After her residency at the University of Arkansas in dermatology and she returned to Houston and joined the team at Bellaire Dermatology.


Dr. Trinh is Associate Medical Director at Houston Hospice in Houston, Texas. She received her medical degree from Louisiana State University Health Science Center in New Orleans and trained in family medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. Following residency, she completed her geriatric fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine and her palliative medicine fellowship at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and a fellow of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. She joined Houston Hospice in 2007 and serves as the Education Liaison.


Dr. Chandra Mittal is a Medical Scientist. He is Professor of Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Houston Community College, Houston. He completed his Ph.D. at AIIMS in India and Fellowship at University of Virginia. He is elected fellow of American College of Clinical Pharmacology (FCP). Dr. Mittal is the Co-Discoverer of “Nitric Oxide-Cyclic GMP Signaling System” with Ferid Murad who was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine for this discovery. Dr. Mittal’s research has been published in international journals and he has served on expert panels of NIH, NSF, and various medical journals.


Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D., F.H.D.R. is the Executive Director of the Health, Disparities, Education, Awareness, Research & Training (HDEART) Consortium.  He is the first African American to be honored with dual Emeritus Status, at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and at the University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.  He presently on the faculty at Prairie View A&M University College of Nursing.